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Thank you, Members, for a GREAT 2022 Swim Season!!

Lost 'n Found...
is emptied every Monday. Small valuables may be claimed at the front desk. Photos of lost 'n found will be posted on the Facebook  and Instagram pages on Friday evening and must be claimed by closing on Sunday. 

Party at the pool?
Yes, members may host parties.  Anytime a member wants to bring 10 or more guests for a swim, that's a party. In order to insure that we have adequate guard staff scheduled to cover average member attendance as well as party guest swimmers, reservations are required at least 10 days in advance. Party guest count is limited to 30 swimmers during any 2-hour party time, be it all in one party, or combined parties. Regular guest fees apply for all swimming, non-member guests. Make reservations in person or by phone during regular hours. If you're a third party seeking a private party arrangement please email us for information and guidelines.

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