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Our hosting date for the big annual swim meet will be
SATURDAY, June 29. On this day we are closed until 3 p.m., no adult swim, no party reservations before 3.

May 11 Open House has been changed into a Work Day.

OPEN HOUSE will be Saturday, the 18th.

ARC Lifesaving Classes Continue for 2024aM a wonderful response, with full classes and high passing levels. We will again be offering the Lifesaving Course this year. Participants must be at least 15 and meet swim skills requirements. Classes are available to members and non-members. Visit and look for Classes for information and to sign up.
The RPA Rockets now has its own website,, and registration is open through May 28.Check out the Swim Team page for links to info and registration. A parent meeting will be held concurrent with suit fittings on April 13.
We've had two official workdays, and more are needed to accomplish all the tasks we normally handle leading up to opening. Watch here for the next opportunity.  Help the entire time, just a couple of hours. Breakfast is provided. Kids who want to participate, and will, are welcome with adult supervision.  Please email us to express your interest. 
Yes, members may bring guests to the pool. All guests must be accompanied by host members. Guest fees apply for all swimming guests, ages 2 and up, each visit. Guest fees may be paid via guest pass punch or cash fee--cards are not accepted at the desk for individual guest fees. Guests are expected to adhere to all posted rules and staff instructions.
 Anytime a member wants to bring 10 or more guests for a swim, that's a party, and we ask that you make a reservation with our front desk at least 10 days in advance. This helps to ensure that we have adequate guard staff scheduled to cover average member attendance as well as party guest swimmers. Party guest count is limited to 30 swimmers during any 2-hour party time, be it all in one party, or combined parties. Regular guest fees apply for all swimming, non-member guests. Make reservations in person or by phone during regular hours--the calendar for parties held during regular hours opens on opening weekendIf you're a third party seeking a private party arrangement please email us for information and guidelines.
Family Membership Policy
Our most frequent questions, after "What's it cost to swim for one day?", is "What's my membership category, given my situation?" Membership category is determined by household makeup, who's swimming and how much.  We use the IRS definitions for family makeup: head of household, spouse or partner, and unmarried children to age 19, student unmarried children to age 26, ONLY. This does not include sitters, nannies, non-family playmates. It also does not include grown children or retired parents, UNLESS they are legitimate dependents of your household due to disability. Sharing of memberships among two or more families is not permitted. Please contact us if your situation is unique and assistance is needed.  Sitters/nannies and grandparents who only bring the grandchildren to swim may swim with member families as guests, or if not swimming at all no fee or membership requirement applies. (And, incidentally, we are never open to the general public at daily rates.)

Q. We only plan to be involved in the swim team this year. Can we swim otherwise?
A. Swim Team participation does not include swi
m privileges for the participant, other than during team events and practice, and never for family/siblings who are not team members. 
Q. I pay dues so my grandkids can swim. Can they be on my membership? What about lessons?
A. If you're not swimming at all consider purchasing a membership for your grandkids' family. This allows the entire family swim privileges AND lessons. Lessons are not available to guests or non-members at this time. If you have questions and/or need assistance determining how to set up a membership that works for your particular situation, please email us.
Q. Can I "cash in" unused guest pass punches?
A. Guest Passes are good for their stated year only, and expire at the end of the season. A great way to use up those extra punches is to host a party toward the end of the season. 

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